Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm finally home! I took a red-eye flight from Las Vegas this morning. Needless to say, I am completely exhausted! My vacation was awesome (in so many ways), but I don't really have the energy to post a lot this evening. I uploaded a ton of photos, so hopefully they will summarize my vaca with little explanation from me. I apologize for the lack of food photos-- just so ya know, there was absolutely no shortage of good eatin' and drinkin' on this vacation! (FYI-- My photos are posted backwards for the most part: Saturday night to Wednesday evening.)

On Saturday night, my girlfriends dressed me up for my Vegas bachelorette! Here's my outfit, complete with a tiara, long white gloves, a shot glass necklace, a Ring Pop, and a garter.

My bachelorette dinner was at the most amazing Italian restaurant-- Piero Selvaggio's Valentino. Dinner was quite the splurge-- both calorie-wise and financially! We had a great time and enjoyed a wonderful meal with a superb selection of Italian wines.

After Thunder Down Under, which was equally sexy as it was hilarious, we ran into a couple of bright pink gorillas. Obviously, this was a much-needed photo-opp!

After briefly meeting the monkey men, we headed to the Bar at Times Square (in New York New York), which has a dueling piano show. The pianists played a ton of crowd-pleasing songs, and we sang and danced (and drank) for hours!

No bachelorette party is complete without jello shots!

We hit the roof deck pool bright and early on Saturday morning... and started off our day with bloody marys and mimosas.

This was probably the BEST bloody mary I have ever drank! It was the perfect mix of ingredients, very spicy, and had 3 big olives. Yum!

Here is my best high school friend, Carolyn and I at the pool. I tried to work on my tan, but didn't have much success.

After spending many hours at the pool, we showered-up and hit the Vegas strip to see the sights and do some gambling. I won $65 playing Black Jack at the Flamingo! It's the only game that I really know how to play-- it was such a rush! :) On our way home from gambling, we stopped to pick up some 24-ounce Miller Lites. I hadn't exercised in days, so I did a set of 24-ounce bicep curls.

A shot outside the Venetian... it was the most gorgeous hotel!

My girlfriends and me before going out on Friday night...

One of my bridesmaids baked me a special treat for my bachelorette weekend: penis-shaped cupcakes with pink and white frosting and chocolate sprinkles! They were delicious and totally cracked me up!!

Up close and personal with a penis cupcake!

Friday afternoon, we drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. It was such a fun roadtrip with lots of laughing and good tunes!

Here I am before going out Friday night. My friend, who is 8.5 months pregnant, couldn't make it to Vegas for my bachelorette, so she sent along these ridiculous sunglasses. She glued a bunch of goofy wedding-themed nicknacks to them... including a white dove that was smack in the middle (sadly it fell off before I got to wear them!)

The first drink of our evening was a dirty martini from Bouchon, a fancy-schmacy French bistro in the Venetian.

Thursday afternoon, my friend Carole and I visited the Getty Museum, where we enjoyed the fabulous art as well as a bottle of wine on the gorgeous patio over looking Los Angeles.

View from the Getty...

We decided to have a drink before our sushi dinner on Thursday night. We each enjoyed a glass of wine from Bottle Rock, a wine bar in Culver City.

We had a difficult time choosing wines because the menu had over 600 options! I ended up selecting a pinot gris, my favorite!

Wednesday night, my friend Katie and I met up with Rachel, another one of my bridesmaids. Here's a photo from Tranquility, which I previously posted about.

Our friend, Jeff, from college met up with us for a few drinks at Tranquility...

Wow, these photos just keep going and going!

Thursday afternoon before visiting the Getty, Carole and I hiked up to get a closer look at the Hollywood sign.

Another photo from the Getty... sorry that these are so out of order!

Whew! The end! What a great vacation! I had sooooo much fun, and most definitely indulged... perhaps a little too much! Vegas is all about excess! I'm back to a healthy lifestyle tomorrow-- I need to seriously balance out that vacation!

I'm headed to bed! Back to the grind tomorrow. Good night!


VeggieGirl said...

Welcome back, Tina!!! Oh my goodness gracious, you DEFINITELY lived it up, in Vegas - fantastic!!! Love the photographs!! :0D

Good luck going back to work tomorrow - the adjustment will be a little difficult I'm sure, haha ;0)

Simple and Divine said...

Wow... What an AMAZING way to celebrate such a fabulous occasion! We missed you around here tho, I can't lie, and we're all selfishly happy that you're back! LOL... Thanks so much for posting the amazing pictures! You look so beautiful and your bridesmaids are all beautiful, as well! Sleep well and rest up! lol

Kath said...

FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell you had a blast :)

ashley said...

HELLO! You have the best abs ever! Have you looked at your photos? Thank you for the inspiration to actually do my ab workout tonight!

It looks like the whole trip was a blast! Thanks for sharing all of the fun pictures with us!

(And the cupcakes just crack me up!)

chandra said...

It looks like you had an amazing time!! Makes me more anxious for my Vegas Vacation this summer!! Glad to hear you had so much fun, and welcome back!

hk said...

what a trip! we missed ya, but I'm so glad you had a nice trip, looks like it was SO fun!

Andrea said...

omg gorgeous dresses!!!!! looks like u had fun...but im not gonna lie, i'm glad you'll be back to posting ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! The Venetian looks amazing! So glad you had a great trip, thanks for all the pictures! It was so neat to see all the things you did!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back - looks like you had a FANTASTIC time!

Hahha.. those cupcakes. They make a muffin tin for everything now days ;)

BTW - I booked a flight out to Boston last night! I'll be out there the 13-15 of July!!

risa said...

looks like such an amazing time! welcome backed--missed your blog!

Cassie said...

Wow looks like a great time! I am so jealous! I missed your blog though (Regular reader here).

Welcome back!

Irbas said...

so fun! looks like you and your friends had a really great time! what a great way to celebrate!

Monica said...

Looks like you had an amazing vacation! The pictures say a thousand words! Welcome home :)

Beth said...

Are those cupcakes vegan? hahahaha! Great pics!

Anne said...

how fun!!! glad you had such an amazing time and lived it up to the fullest! :) LOVE the cupcakes!

Allison said...

aah! So much fun! I want to go back to Vegas with my Girlfriends now! Isn't that piano bar great? You can seriously drink and dance the night away in there!