Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hump Day Happenings

Lots to catch up on, but not a lot of time. Tonight's post will be brief, but I included a lot of photos, so hopefully, the pictures will be "worth a thousand words."

After lunch, my friend and I grabbed coffee and chatted at Starbucks. Before going to Starbucks, I almost always plan what I am going to order. Today, I got to the head of the line, and my mind went blank. I had no clue what to get! I ended up blurting out: iced tall soy misto. Not bad for being put on the spot, huh? It ended up tasting wonderful-- pretty much an extra milky iced coffee. I'll have to remember this drink for the next time!

Around 3:30, my stomach started to grumble. Snack time! I ate a couple pieces of Ryvita Fruit Crunch, which is sweet crispbread made with fruit, oats, and honey. I also added a few squirts of Olivio spray to each of them.

Delicious crispbread up close... check out those whole grains!

My banana was super ripe and sort of beaten up from my morning commute, so I decided to mash it up and add a spoonful of peanut butter. It didn't look pretty, but it was tasty and filling!


Dinner tonight was a mix of semi-random ingredients. Pasta was tentatively on the menu for this evening, so to jazz it up, I added steam collard greens, cannelloni beans, green olives, garlic, olive oil, and feta. Overall, I enjoyed the combination of flavors. However, I could have done without the olives-- they didn't seem to mesh well with the rest of the meal. Oh well, I ate everything else, except for a few random olives.

Meals always taste better with feta!

And no meal is complete without something sweet. My treat this evening was a Lindt chocolate truffle and 5 pitted dates. Yum!


hk said...

your banana/pb smasher sounds so yum!!

mags said...

hi tina! i just have to tell you... i made your banana bread recipe yesterday (but in the form of muffins) and they were to die for!! i used one whole egg and 2 egg whites (instead of 2 eggs) and splenda sugar blend for baking in place of the sugar and they turned out great!! on half of them i added some chocolate chips for a little extra sweetness!

loveofoats said...

I love how you incorporate a little bit of sweetness to your day ;) You are definitely great at the everything-in-moderation thing!

Becca A said...

You got me hooked on dates! I would never have expected them to taste so good! Keep up the good work!