Thursday, April 3, 2008

Maple Mango Bulgar

Good morning! I'm looking forward to today. I have a busy day with meetings and presentations, but Mal and I are meeting a couple of our friends for dinner tonight. We haven't seen these friends since the fall, so I am excited to catch up. We're also trying out a new restaurant: Silvertone Bar & Grill. The website makes it look sort of funky, even kind of retro, and the online reviews say the food is great and the price is right. Can't wait for tonight!

Breakfast this morning was something a little different: bulgar with sugar-free maple syrup and mango.

I made myself an extra large bowl of bulgar this morning-- 2 servings, actually! I was famished when I woke up!

The mango was sooooooo sweet and delicious! I waited for it to ripen-up this time!

All together. I seriously need some new placemats! I bet you guys are sick of these ones. Maybe I'll pick up some new ones at Target when I go shopping for sports bras. By the way, thank you all SO MUCH for your recommendations! You guys are wonderful!

1/2 cup bulgar: 320
1/8 sf maple syrup: 15
1 mango: 85
Coffee w/ soymilk: 50
Breakfast total: 470


suzi said...

that looks really nice :)

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Aunt Jemima's Lite maple syrup? I bought sugar free syrup once and thought it had a horrible after taste. I'm all about saving calories when I can but I can't seem to transition to sugar free syrup!

Kristen said...

Ah, if only we had mango at our grocery store here in Lincoln, NE. I simply haven't seen them yet! Sad since they're one of my favorite fruits.

arimcg said...

I can't wait for mango! I haven't gotten a good one yet...

Robin said...

I love mango! Yum!

Anonymous said...


I haven't tried the Aunt Jemima's Lite syrup, but king I use is Maple Grove's Vermont Sugar Free Syrup. Here's a link to the product:

The sugar-free maple syrup is made with Splenda and pretty much tastes like the real stuff. I use it most mornings in my bulgar/oat bran/oatmeal to sweeten it up.

Anne said...

so did you see the carrot cake muffins that jenna made yesterday on eat live run?? i feel like you would love these, considering your blog name and all ;) and your affinity for baking healthy muffins!

Anonymous said...


I was just on her blog checking them out! They look wonderful-- I bet I would LOVE them. Carrot cake anything is my favorite! I should do some baking next week! :)

LolaFunk said...

How does mango taste in your bulgar?
I always cringed when Kath put it in her oatmeal. I just cant imagine it tasting right.

Mel said...

I think those placemats are gorgeous! I love bamboo. Where did you get them? Can't wait to see the new ones!
Oh, and that mango looks absolutely delish!

Anonymous said...


I think the placemats are from Target. I bought them so long ago, I can't remember!