Friday, April 11, 2008

Whirlwind Week

I can't believe it is already Friday (not that I am complaining)! Being out of the office on Monday and then again yesterday has made the work week fly by! Hurray for the weekend! :)

My pre-workout snack this morning was 2 Cranberry Rise and Shine Cookies and a big glass of water. I was so comfy in bed this morning... and so close to skipping the gym, but I'm glad that I went. My recent motivation is this quote from Women's Health Magazine: "I never regret it when I do it, but I always regret it when I don't." It's a great reminder and inspiration, especially when I am just feeling lazy.

Breakfast this morning was bulgar with walnuts and dried cranberries-- another wonderful combo to add to my breakfast arsenal.

While waiting for my bulgar to cook, I chomped on 2 Rise and Shine Cookies. I definitely could have waited a whopping 6 minutes for my bulgar to finish cooking, but my body was saying, (well, yelling) "Feed me NOW!"

The cookies pictured are "stand-ins" for the cookies that I ate while waiting for my bulgar, so I pretty much "recreated" what I had just eaten for the photo.

I wanted to use up some random leftovers in our fridge, so lunch was a mix of black beans, corn, and sauteed mushrooms with a side of Kashi TLC crackers. The salad is rather ugly, but I used the crackers to "scoop up" the bean mixture, and lunch ended up being quite delicious and satisfying.

I love Kashi's TLC crackers! Yum!

Dessert today is ice cream from JP Licks! Free Cone Day was earlier this week, but the line for ice cream was enormous, so I didn't end up waiting. I've been craving ice cream ever since, and it's finally time to "succumb" to my craving! I can't wait! :)


chandra said...

You're making me crave cranberries!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your motivation this morning reminds me of something in SuperFoods HealthStyle. It sounds kinda negative, but it always works for me, so I think it is a positive way of thinking.
Picture yourself at 9 p.m. each time you feel like skipping your workout. If you go, you'll feel great at 9 p.m., but if you don't, you'll certainly regret it. Apparently, the anticipation of regret is a great motivator!
Carrie H

chandra said...

Oh, and I love that quote!!! I might have to "borrow" it!

Patty said...

Tina, love your blog! I am also 27 and we have similar habits, so it's fun to get ideas from you! This question may have already been answered, but what brand of bulger do you use? I have been unable to find it and thought maybe knowing a brand could help when I ask at the store. Thanks!

Cara said...

That is a great quote!

Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

is it me or do the colors of your blog change a lot!? i love it! keeps me on my toes :)

veganforone said...

Happy Friday!
It feels like this week has gone by so fast.

I can relate to your bulgar cooking dilemma. I constantly munch on things in the morning! I eat carrots while my oatmeal is cooking, just so my stomach doesn't rumble so much, hehe.

VeggieGirl said...

That quote is incredible; and definitely true/very motivating!!

Your rise-and-shine cookies look like a "firmer" form of your bulgur breakfast - similar colors, at least, haha.

Yes, this week DEFINITELY went by quickly (thank goodness!!) - enjoy the weekend, Tina!! :0)

loveofoats said...

Those black beans look fabulous... great idea w/ the Kashi!

Jill said...

I, myself, am addicted to Kashi crackers! I'd be addicted to those cookies if they were around here too! Good luck finding the perfect cake, I hope it takes you days and days and days and many many samples!