Friday, April 11, 2008

Wine and Wedding Invitations

Quick post tonight! We have wedding invitations to collate and address this evening! I can't believe the big day is coming so soon-- just 3 months from tomorrow!!! :)

Tonight's dinner was Annie's Mac & Cheese with brussels sprouts. Is it just me or is Annie's the BEST meal when you are feeling lazy and uncreative? It's always so delicious! Yummm!

From above... Mal ate about 2/3 of the box; I ate about 1/3 of it. Before dinner, I munched on Kashi TLC crackers and a few of dates.

Mal picked up a bottle of wine on his way home from work this afternoon. The label was so cute-- just had to share! However, the wine label is much nicer than the actual taste of the wine. Oh well, it's Friday... I'll drink it. :)

Here are our boxes of invites!! We have about 170 to address and mail! Holy moly! Luckily, we are saving some postage costs by asking guests to reply online instead of using reply cards.

Below is a photo of our wedding invitations! The "theme" of our wedding is blue and white hydrangeas, so these invites were perfect... and cheap! (Gotta save money where ya can!) I'm off to do our invitations and finish a bottle of wine with Mal! Night, all!

Tomorrow afternoon is our CAKE tasting! So psyched! Cake is my most favorite food ever!

Oops, almost forgot about my lunch dessert and afternoon snack!

Following lunch, a friend and I went to JP Licks. I ordered a small cup of Coffee Oreo ice cream. As always, it was a-mazing!

My afternoon snack was an apple with 2 tbsp of peanut butter (only 1 tbsp pictured). This snack really didn't fill me up today. I ended up munching on crackers and dates before dinner.


VeggieGirl said...

BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!!! **swoons**

Oh my goodness, have a WONDERFUL time at the cake-tasting tomorrow; and have fun addressing all the invitations!! This is SUCH an exciting time for you - enjoy every minute of it, Tina! :0)

runroamrecycle said...

JP Licks.. JP LICKS!! Aaaah if you haven't been able to tell yet, that's like half the reason I'm moving to Boston!! I LOVE JP LICKS! Seriously.. my first day back there, I can guarantee I'll be making a stop =)

Wow I forgot Annie's even makes yellow cheddar mac n cheese! I always have the white cheddar kind. If you haven't tried it - it's the best!

veganforone said...

Your wedding invitations look great!!

As soon as I saw coffee AND oreo in ice cream I instantly salivated!!

Kelly T said...

ive never tried the cheddar annies, ive only had the white cheddar and it always comes out all runny. yours looks so good though.

Getting married is so exciting!!I want to.

I think I just heard my boyfriend somewhere having a heart attack.

Jim Purdy said...

Great pictures! I love brussel sprouts.

Erin said...

That ice cream looks SO good!