Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Afternoon Delight

Yowzahs! The work day has flown by! Time flies when you're having fun... or a To Do list that is a frickin' mile long!

Today's lunch was homemade by Mr. Mal himself. He was making a sandwich for himself last night, and offered to make me one as well. What a guy! My sandwich was sliced deli turkey on whole wheat bread with mayo. I'm typically not a huge mayo fan, but it was a decent sandwich addition today. On the side, I had a few baby carrots and green pepper pieces with roasted red pepper hummus.

Also with lunch, I enjoyed a sliced banana with a packet of honey drizzled on top.

Mmmmmm... I love the combo of banana and honey! Last summer, I used to make banana-honey smoothies like it was my job! I probably drank one 4-5 times a week. I'd make them with 2 bananas, a generous amount of honey, a lot of ice, and some milk, then just blend well in the blender. Next time I make one, I'll be sure to write down the exact measurements to share.

LOOK at this cake! We celebrated my coworker's birthday this afternoon, and we bought her an ice cream cake from JP Licks!

The flavor of the cake is Almond Coconut Chip with vanilla frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and Oreos on top! My coworker was so happy that we remembered her favorite flavor of ice cream for the cake. (I was also glad it was Almond Coconut Chip!) Eating a slice of this cake was heaven!


Becca said...

The oreos look massive in that cake! It sounds tasty too!

I'm glad to hear kiwis were tasty in your breakfast too. I've always thought about adding them into my oats, but just couldn't decide if it would taste right or not! I'll have to try it next time I pick some up!

Melanie said...

Hi Tina! I found your blog from Kath's site - love all of your info & food ideas! I lost alot of weight on Weight Watchers and am now trying to maintain too - thanks for the motivation.

Quick question - I see your have honey packets and I'm wondering where you found those? WOuld definitely help with the serving size because I LOVE honey too!

Jill said...

Honey and Bananas? Never heard of it, but it sounds super sweet!

Coconut ice cream? woooooooow.

Anonymous said...

She flicked the honey packets from Starbucks is my guess.

Anne said...

wow. now THAT is an office treat that is worth indulging in!! sounds (and looks) fabulous! i LOVE ice cream cake... so superior to normal cake ;)

Anonymous said...


The honey packets are from Starbucks. I yanked them from the condiment bar. They're the perfect size!

Anonymous said...

no sweet beats ice cream cake in my book! it always made an appearance at my birthday! reg cake = bleh... unless it's carrot cake !! : )

haha anonymous... i flick a lot of "coffee condiments" from the starbucks stand... im right with you Tina! Plus they are so darn handy for on-the-go! Who wants to lug around a jar of honey?!

VeggieGirl said...

How lovely of Mal to make lunch for you - looks delish!

Mmm, the banana & honey combination sounds great - I bet agave nectar would be a great substitute as well, for the honey! Yum!

Oh my, that ice cream cake!! A slice (or two) of heaven, for sure :0)

Kim said...

Do you have a favorite brand of pita and tortilla? Joseph's isn't sold where I live :(

Anonymous said...


If I don't buy Joseph's, I'll sometimes buy the Thomas brand.

Anonymous said...

Banana and honey? That looks like the PERFECT [tasty&healthy!] dessert! I must try this~oh my goodness I'm drooling!

And that icecream cake is to DIE for--what a yummy flavor!

Jenn said...

That cake certainly does look heavenly! I've also never tried PB and honey, but it looks so good! I'll definitely be having that sometime soon :)