Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bad Blogger: Weekend Highlights

I was a bad food blogger this weekend. I apologize. Mal and I headed to our hometown to get some wedding planning out of the way. We were very productive and managed to cross everything off our list, but I didn't take many food photos or have time to post until now. Weddings are a massive amount of work! I'm so glad that the majority of the planning is just about finished. I'm ready to just be married now! Even though the weekend was mostly jam-packed with wedding planning, Mal and I managed to have some fun too.

Last night, we enjoyed ice cream from Kimball Farm. Kimball's has the most amazing ice cream ever! It is most definitely the BEST I have ever eaten!

At closing time (9:00 pm), there was still huge lines of people waiting to get their Kimball's ice cream. Mal and I probably waited a solid 25-30 minutes for ours, but it wasn't so bad because it was a beautiful night.

The portions at Kimball's are enormous!!! I got a kid's size Oreo Cookie-- look how huge this portion is... and of course, I ate the whole thing! No wasting Kimball's ice cream!

On Saturday afternoon, Mal and I managed to fit in our trip to the driving range (also at Kimball's). Here I am trying to make some good drives... the key word here is trying!

Mr. Mal has a much nicer golf swing than me, especially with fancy new clubs. He's psyched that his new equipment has improved his game!

Ooops, I uploaded this photo by mistake, but here's another one of me... what horrible form! I got a little bit better towards the end of our time at the driving range! :)

My sister and her boyfriend, Pat also joined us at the driving range. Here's Pat hitting a nice drive. He was whacking them really far!

My sister hit a few golf balls too... she's about as good as me! :) At least we had a good time trying!

After the driving range, the four of us decided to get some lunch at the near by 99 Restaurant. As an appetizer, we shared an order of Vegetable Pot Stickers (vegetable filled dumplings pan-seared and served with a tasty soy dipping sauce). The dipping sauce was so tasty!

I ordered a garden salad with honey mustard on the side...

as well as a cup of French Onion soup. The soup and salad made a nice lunch, but they were nothing special... very much chain restaurant food.

The surprise party Friday night was a blast! The birthday boy was definitely surprised! He had been stuck in traffic and a little cranky when he spoke with his girlfriend before arriving... but as soon as he arrived and saw all of his friends, his mood immediately improved!

There was some typical bar food available at the party-- chicken fingers, buffalo wings, and turkey wraps. Mal and I had already eaten before the party, so I didn't have any of the food. Here's our friend, Dave checking out the spread. What a goofball! :) Hi, Dave!

The bar had the BEST cover band, called Dick N Jane. (FYI-- their Myspace webpage is more up-to-date than their website.) Dick N Jane plays current radio hits as well as tunes from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. We had such a great time dancing! The band played all of favorite songs! I'm totally a fan now! (I already signed up for their mailing list!) Here's Danielle and I taking a break from dancing.

Another cool thing about the cover band is that it includes a Real World cast member! For those of you who watched, Lori from Back to New York was one of the vocalists. She was great-- very talented!

My drink of choice for the evening was Blue Moon. (So much for not drinking!) I ended up drinking 3 Blue Moons over the course of the evening, which was a good pace for me. 

Before heading to the surprise party, Mal and I hit up Anna's Taqueria. As always, it was amazing! I ordered 2 roasted veggie tacos. So delicious!

I have lots of unpacking and random weekend tasks to do this evening. Be back a little later! 


Anonymous said...

Ooooooo sounds like such a productive weekend... i hear you on the wedding planning... I have under 4 months to go and I feel like my to-do list is growing!!! :) Good luck!

VeggieGirl said...

You haven't been a bad blogger at all - you've been an extremely BUSY (and productive) blogger!! Looks like you've had lots of fun so far this weekend!!

ashley said...

I did miss your posts this weekend! But it looks like a great weekend. You look fantastic! As for the golf.. we have some things that afre just.. in the way. We should get extra credit for that!

April said...

your arms look amazing! what kind of work outs do you do for them?

chandra said...

You are absolutely adorable! Looks like you had a great weekend! I suck at golf... :)

Anonymous said...

Your weekend looks like a lot of fun! I'm such a terrible golfer in every way, shape and form haha. I can hardly make the ball travel more than 10 feet...

And that ice cream looks SO good. I can't believe that's the kid's size!

hk said...

woho! I LOVE ANNA'S! sounds like a really fun weekend :)

Sarah said...

Your post made me SO excited, because I absolutely LOVE Kimballs as well!! Thankfully it's about a 40 minute drive me for me, which means I only go there about once or twice a year. Otherwise it could be potentially very, very dangerous...haha!

And you're right, the portions are huge. And no icecream can creamy and delish. :)

Looks like a fun weekend! :)

Anonymous said...


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