Sunday, May 4, 2008

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Sunday night. How is it already Sunday night!? Anyone else feel like the weekend flew by? Ok, time to play a little catch-up. Here's breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in one post. 


My breakfast was oat bran with dried cranberries and walnuts. Mr. Mal made the most amazing egg and cheese breakfast wrap with salsa for himself. He gave me a bite and it was so very delicious! After that small taste, my oat bran wasn't nearly as exciting! 

I thought about making an egg, cheese, and salsa breakfast wrap for myself, but I really hate to waste food, so I ended up just eating my oat bran. 

Mal treated me to Starbucks this morning-- my drink was an iced soy milk latte. It was so delicious; no need for Splenda today. 


After breakfast, I went grocery shopping for the week. The grocery store was crazy today, so I was in and out within 30 minutes. The highlight of my shopping experience was fresh, juicy watermelon! Watermelon makes me so happy-- it represents summertime to me!  

With my watermelon, I also ate the last of the Coconut Ginger Carrots. Three days later, they are still amazing! 

To round out the meal, I also had a half of a pita filled with peanut butter and apple spread. 

All together... peanut butter and apple spread pita, watermelon, and carrots. 

After lunch, Mal and I went to the hospital to visit our friends, Katey and Ben, who are new parents to a baby girl. Katey gave birth to Riley Grace on Friday morning. Katey is my first close friend to have a baby, which is exciting and nuts at the same time. It feels like yesterday that we danced like fools at the clubs on our semester abroad! We were wild women back then, and now she's a mother! After visiting, Katey, Ben, and Riley for about an hour, Mal headed to see a movie with a friend, and I took the T home to spend a quiet evening blogging and watching the boob tube. 


Dinner was a buffalo-blue cheese lavash bread pizza. YUM! I'm a big fan of lavash bread-- it's perfect for a quick, thin crust pizza. It's also super easy to make-- just add toppings and broil in the toaster for about 5 minutes.

Dinner also included lots of raw veggies: grape tomatoes, baby carrots, and cucumbers with a sprinkle of sea salt. I forgot how much I love sea salt on cucumber slices. Mmmmm!

Lavash bread pizza and raw veggies from above...

I'm totally PMSing and craving massive amounts of sweet carbs, specifically chocolate and peanut butter. The perfect PMS dessert: whole wheat bread smeared with peanut butter and topped with chocolate and peanut butter chips. So yum! It definitely satisfied my cravings! 

Time to relax. Good night! 


loveofoats said...

Aww glad to hear your friend had her baby! Isn't it crazy when your friends start having kids? I think I finally feel like an adult - scary!

VeggieGirl said...

Today DEFINITELY flew by - scary how quickly time passes!! Especially THESE days!!

All of your meals today look positively scrumptious - especially your "perfect PMS dessert" (haha, love it).

Congratulations to your friends on their new child!! How exciting!!

romina said...

Mmm, I had an iced caffe latte a few days ago too, it hit just the right spot for the warm weather. =)

hk said...

lovely breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert, YUM :) glad you had a nice sunday!!

Jill said...

I'm seconding VeggieGirl - I love your posts, everything is so yummy! (And you introduced me to oat bran... yum!)

That lavish bread sounds awesome, I wish we had some!

Is it just me or is salsa the must magical thing ever? It's good on EVERYTHING!

creatingadiva said...

your water melons look so red and made me get some for my dinner:)

Cassie said...

Looks like your weekend was a blast! I wish we played pin the tail on the donkey! Great food too!

Yes it def gos by too fast!

Erica said...

That pizza looks awesome! I will have to try it!