Monday, May 5, 2008

Something New for Breakfast

Happy Monday, folks!

My trip to the grocery store yesterday afternoon was fairly successful, especially given the speediness of the task. However, my beloved Old Wessex Oat Bran was no where to be found! There was just an empty space on the shelf where the oat bran should be. How very sad. However, the absence of the oat bran pushed me to consider other breakfast grains, and I discovered a new favorite: Old Wessex 5 Grain Cereal, which contains a mixture of oats, rye, triticale, barley, and golden flax (yay, omega 3's!) These 5 sounded like an all-star team to me, so I gave it a try.

The 5 Grain Cereal pretty much tastes like oatmeal, but has a heartier texture to it. A 1/2 cup (dry) serving makes a ton of hot cereal! I ate a big bowl this morning! One serving has 140 calories, 2 g fat, 5 g fiber, 6 g protein, and 6% iron.

I topped my 5 Grain Cereal with fresh blackberries this morning. I also munched on a few berries while waiting for my breakfast to cook in the microwave, which took just 3 minutes.

Nutritional information about the five grains:

One of the best sources of high fiber and important to good health.
Rye-A cereal that adds a rich and hearty flavor to the 5 Grain Cereal. In addition to its hearty taste,rye offers protein and B vitamins.
Triticale-This young grain combines the productvity and the ruggedness of stronger,heartier grains and has a high nutritional value.
Barley-A natural choice for healthful breakfast cereal. This grain is rich in carbohydrates,low in fat and cholesterol free.Like other whole grains, barley is an excellent source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.
Golden Flax-High in natural vegetarian Omega 3, essential for help in maintaining healthy heart and brain function, healthy cholesterol levels, and is especially beneficial for healthy skin & eyes.

I'm a big fan of this stuff! Expect to see lots of 5 Grain Cereal breakfasts in the future!


Tanya said...

Ooh - thx for this review. I've been wanting to expand my breakfast options and I will definitely be trying this.

romina said...

This sounds like a fantastic grain mix! I have a similar mix of Bob's Red Mill brand Muesli. It's delicious. =) Gotta love those whole grains!

Betsy said...

cool stuff!!! i love oatmeal with a hearty texture so maybe i'll try it.

those blackberries look sooooo good. yum!

Cassie said...

That sounds awesome! Thanks for the review- I need to pick up some blackberries - one of my favorite fruits by far!

hk said...

mmmm, looks like a lovely new combo for a hot morning cereal! I love the blackberries on top, YUM!

p.s, thanks Tina! :)

VeggieGirl said...

Wow, that grain-mix sounds fabulous! And those blackberries definitely are a perfect topper :0)

Anonymous said...

Delish!!! I love the idea w/ the blackberries... it looks yummy & so pretty, all at the same time :)

Have a great Monday!

Jill said...

Gah! That is way too healthy, I'm jealous!

Becca said...

Sounds like a great cereal! I'll have to keep my eye out for it! Thanks for adding facts about it too!