Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Happy May! Spring has finally sprung! Yippee!

Breakfast today was an oat bran-bulgar blend with almonds and shredded coconut.

Oooh, how I love coconut! I topped my breakfast with 2 tablespoons.

Kiwi slices (with a little skin) accompanied my bowl of mushy grains.

From above...

When I finished eating breakfast, I was STILL hungry, but I figured my "fullness" just needed some time to set in. However, around 10:15, my stomach started growling! I have no idea how since I ate a big dinner last night and a hearty breakfast this morning-- I guess sometimes you just need more fuel! I listened to my body, and dug into my lunch around 10:45.

My early lunch started with green pepper slices and Rotel dip.

Peppers and Rotel held me over for awhile, but around 11:45, I wanted more food!

The rest of my lunch included a garden salad with blue cheese crumbles...

and a pita filled with peanut butter and chopped dates.

I'm relatively satisfied now, but still feel like I could eat. I'm going to make some mint tea, and try to hold off until snack time this afternoon.

I hope everyone is enjoying May as much as I am! :)


romina said...

Happy May Day!!
Mmmmm, COCONUT!! I've gotta try this in my oatmeal when I get some.

VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, I LOVE your almond & shredded coconut oatmeal-additions... yum!

PB & Date pita?? genius!!

Happy May Day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy May Day!
What a green lunch! I love the color of kiwi :D
And oh I definitely know that feeling when your body just keeps asking for more food--I usually end up making the worst choices, but you seem to be doing great at choosing healthy foods!

Simple and Divine said...

That kiwi is SO Green! Gorgeous! Oh and I adore coconut especially with almonds... You should try adding a few drops of both coconut and almond extracts (or flavors if you don't like the alcohol... I prefer the flavors anyway!) with your shredded coconut! OMG HEAVEN! Have a fabbbulous thursday! Tomorrow's Friday! YIPPEEEE! :)