Monday, June 9, 2008

The "BREAC" Sandwich

After a quick workout downstairs, I was confronted with this dismal display...

(Please note the abundance of condiments and lack of everything else.)

Somehow, I managed to come up with this meal...

Celery sticks and hummus with an open-faced buffalo-ricotta egg and cheese sandwich (recipe below).

To conclude dinner, I ate a dessert-like Ginger Snap Larabar. (I'm so in love with these!)

Buffalo-Ricotta Egg and Cheese Sandwich


2 pieces of whole wheat bread
1-2 tbsp of buffalo sauce
1 tbsp of ricotta
1/8 cup of shredded cheese (or 1 slice of cheese)
1 egg (fried or "over hard")


1. Cook egg until yolk is firm. (I made mine over-hard, but fried would work too)
2. Spread buffalo sauce on both pieces of bread (as much or as little as desired)
3. Spread ricotta evenly on one piece of bread; spread shredded cheese evenly on the other piece of bread
4. Toast both pieces of bread until cheese is melted
5. Once toasted, add egg between both slices of bread
6. Enjoy!

Shredded cheese on left; ricotta on right

Here's the finished product, which Mal ate for dinner. He was a huuugge fan of this sandwich combo!

I leave you with a beautiful sunset from our balcony... good night!


loveofoats said...

yum, way to go for whipping up a quick, yummy meal requiring little ingredients :)

VeggieGirl said...

gingersnap Larabar = among my favorites. yum!

chandra said...

I think you just gave me a breakfast idea for tomorrow!! :) Yummers.

Danielle said...

Way to make something out of nothing! Looks like a delicious dinner :)

Ashley said...

Aw what a beautiful sunset, and good job coming up with that creative meal without much in the fridge!

lighterportions said...

Haha buffalo ricotta egg, what a crazy combo. I'm liking the sounds of it!

Angie said...

YUM! Love the egg sandwich idea! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your blog looks awesome! I'll have to browse around some more!