Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bulgar Lets Me Down?

My beloved bulgar... how can you let me down so early in the morning? It's only 9:45! Usually my morning bulgar holds me over until lunchtime, but today, I'm already getting the stomach grumbles. I ate the same size portion as I always do and I didn't workout this morning, so what's up bulgar? Why am I hungry? I drank 3/4 of a Sigg bottle full of water, and I'm drinking some coffee with soy milk now-- let's hope they hold off my hungry a little longer. I think a mid-morning snack is in my future!

Today's "disappointing" breakfast was bulgar with walnuts and fresh strawberries on top.

My breakfast was tasty and filling at 7:30 am, but it really didn't hold me over at all today. Maybe it's not the bulgar, and my body is just extra hungry today?

If you're curious, here's the deal with bulgar and how I make mine. (Scroll half way down the page for info.)

Breakfast concluded with some extra calcium in the form of a dark chocolate Adora. Here's some info about Adora as well. Love, love, love Adora!

Question of the Day

What is your newest "healthy" habit?

Me: I take the stairs when I go to the gym in our apartment building. We live on the 9th floor, so it's quite a hike! I'm already in workout mode, so might as well burn a few extra calories and save some elevator energy.


Sarah said...

Newest healthy habit---parking in the furthest parking space at the mall or grocery store. I figured its worth fitting in a few extra steps a day, especially when lugging groceries back to the car. :)

VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, sorry about the bulgar - usually you eat it with dried fruit (dates!), which has more fiber than fresh strawberries... could that be the cause of your premature hunger?

Newest healthy habit: taking time to just breathe and not over-stress about everything (ahhh, the life of a perfectionist, haha).

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tina,
I have a question about Adora. I asked my mom to look for them for me -- I live in a really small town without stores that carry them -- and she told me that to properly absorb calcium, the supplements need to come with vitamin D3 as well. Adora only has D2. Any thoughts on D2 being just as effective for calcium absorption? Thanks, and great blog.
Carrie H

Betsy said...

i'm surprised you didn't comment on the game last night? what a blow-out!

newest healthy habit: going to yoga regularly. I used to go once a month or so, and have started going once a week to help with my running...and i'm loving it!

Justine said...

My newest healthy habit would be not counting calories anymore. I'm now listening to my body more instead of the number of calories food diaries allowed me...still making healthy choices though! :)

Tina said...


I know! The game was amazing! The Celtics killed them! YAY! :)

Carrie H,

From what I've read, it seems that D3 is better absorbed than D2, but for me, calcium + D2 is better than none at all. Plus Adora is delicious! It tastes like real chocolate to me. Here's some more info about D3 vs. D2:

mealsfromthegirlinthelittleblackdress said...

My newest healthy habit is blogging about my meals and focusing on how I feel rather than counting every single calorie. Hooray!

Tina, this happens to me too sometimes. I think some days our bodies just need more calories, and we need to listen!

Erin said...

I think that my newest healthy habit is that I got rid of all my reusable plastic water bottles and replaced them with stainless steel bottles. My old ones were the #7 plastics.

Also, I got a pedometer! I was wondering how many steps I took a day, and it was a lot less than I thought. Now I put an effort into adding in extra steps here and there in the day.

Janna said...

Hey Tina,
Kind of random but I noticed under your interests you have Body PUmp listed, but I haven't seen you write about it lately. Do you still take it, if not, why did you stop? I have just taken my first two classes this week and they are pretty intense. I think I'll see results from the class, but some of the lifts we do, such as power cleans, I think it is sort of unecessary and I thought that was strictly a lift for football players anyway. Thanks!

Becca said...

I just wanted to share what I ordered for dinner last night with you (and ask a question that is probably stupid)

I ordered "Fresh Chickpea and Chicken Hummus with blue cheese and Buffalo Sauce on olive oil-dusted Baguette"

It was so good! But my question is: what makes Buffalo sauce so much different from hot sauce? Are they basically the same? Since I've seen it here on the blog before, I figured you might know.

Tina said...


I LOOOOOVVVVVE Body Pump! I'm so sad that I don't do it anymore. I used to belong to a health club that offered it, but I don't anymore, and it's VERY hard to find a club in the city that offers it. Jari Love has a DVD that is very similar to Body Pump, which I still do occasionally. Do you do Body Pump? It's the BEST workout!


Your sandwich sounds AMAZING! Wow! Where did you order it from?

I don't know the different between buffalo and hot sauce... perhaps it's the flavoring? I did a quick google search, but I didn't find anything. Hmmmm?

Sarah said...

My newest healthy habit is exactly what justine and mealsfromthegirlinthelittleblackdress said, no more extensive calorie-counting and journaling. I'm going to eat healthy food, treat my body well and listen to it from now on. If you are in tune, it knows what it needs and it will 'tell' you :)

magpie said...

Oh no! So sorry about the bulgar :(

I've been meaning to try it for breakfast but now I'm not sure... Maybe I'll add some apples for fiber and fullness?

Christy said...

Exercise is a natural appetite suppressant. I notice that when I don't work out in the morning I am much more hungry than when I do workout.

As for the buffalo sauce, the difference is in the flavoring. The buffalo sauce has a butter flavoring to mimic the wings bathed in butter when cooked. ;)

AdoraDietitian said...

Hi, I am the dietitian from Adora Calcium and I just wanted to help Tina out in response to Carrie's question. It is true that D3 (the active form of the vitamin) is considered to be utilized better by the body. However, there have been several studies that show the 2 different forms are very comparable. The reason Adora Calcium uses D2 is because it is vegetarian and we know many our of consumers are vegetarian. Still we have been debating making the shift to D3 for quite some time. However, for now I personally have been making an effort to get a little sun exposure regularly so my body can make vitamin D naturally. See also:
Thanks Tina for being such a fan! Your blog is the best.