Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dinner Repeat

Grrrrrr... Blogger is having photo issues tonight. Luckily, I managed to get a couple uploaded. I took more photos of dinner and dessert, but these will have to do.

I wanted to use the rest of the French bread before it got too hard, so dinner tonight was another cannellini bean and gruyere sandwich on French bread with buffalo sauce. You'd think I'd be sick of this sandwich by now, but I'm totally not. It's really, really, really tasty! 

Also with dinner, I ate some raw green peppers pieces that I dipped into a mixture of remaining mashed cannellini beans, feta, and walnuts. The bean-feta-walnut dip was decent, but sort of bland. It definitely needed something to give it some more flavor. 

Dessert was a small bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins, peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips. Yum! 

Mal and I are off to the mall this evening to do a little shopping. We both need outfits for our wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner... and perhaps some new clothes for the honeymoon. :)


R. Shack said...

omigosh, I love PB puffins. They've been my dessert more nights than I can count, but I never thought of choco (or pb) chips with them! I'm so excited now that may be on the menu tonight lol :)

Runeatrepeat said...

That dessert looks so good- two things I love - chocolate chips and PB Puffins!

Did you smash the beans on the bread and mix it with the buffalo sauce? Just curious since it looks so good.

dessertobsessed said...

oh i love when people get married! where are you going for the honeymoon??

loveofoats said...

have fun shopping - how exciting... u r in the home stretch!

Irbas said...

yum!! if you are willing to add some more calories to your dip extra virgin olive oil would add a lot of flavor. I make a similar dip (chick peas, and arabic cheese, and walnuts) and a little bit of oil really brings out all the flavors + makes the texture really smooth, with bits of crunch from the walnuts!

i hope you guys found cute outfits!!!!

Tina said...


I spread the buffalo sauce on the bread first then top with the mashed up beans, but I like your idea better! The buffalo-bean mixture would make a good veggie/cracker dip too.


We are going to Turks and Caicos! I'm sooooooo excited! Here's an old post about our plans: http://www.carrotsncake.com/2008/03/honeymoon.html


Thank you for the olive oil suggestion! I didn't think of that, but I think it would have been an excellent addition. Next time!