Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dressing, Dining, and Dreaming

I had my final wedding dressing fitting tonight. I can't believe it was the final one! Where did the time go? I purchased my dress 9 months ago with hopes of sliming down and toning-up. Scale-wise: I haven't lost a single pound; Body-wise: I dropped a pants size and toned up quite a bit. In my opinion, not bad progress for 9 months. Anyway, the dress still fits well, no major alternations are needed, and I pick it up on July 9th, 3 days before the BIG DAY! :) 

After the fitting, my sister/MOH and I met Mal and our friend, Dave at a local pub/restaurant for dinner and to watch the Red Sox and Celtics games. (Big sports night in Beantown!) I ordered a large garden salad with honey mustard and buffalo sauce on the side. I ate 3/4 of the salad with about 1/2 of the container of honey mustard and a tiny bit of the buffalo sauce, which was super spicy hot! I also stole 6-7 French fries from Mal's plate. Good thing he shares! 

Also with dinner, I enjoyed a Blue Moon with an orange slice. Delish! 

Afternoon Snack

No Harvard event is complete without amazing desserts. My afternoon snack was a decadent piece of chocolate cake. Oh my gosh, it was soooo delicious! Boy, do I love cake! I also munched on an apple (not pictured) before my dress fitting to hold me over until dinner. 

What a week! It seems abnormally long and exhausting. I can't wait to climb into bed! Sweet dreams! 


Anonymous said...

that cake looks heavenly!!!

congrats on going to your last & final fitting... that is super exciting!!! my next one is in july and i'm pumped to see if i made any changes to my body :)

Anonymous said...

haha I don't even like chocolate cake and that looks good!

and so exciting about your dress!

Carrie said...

You will be picking your dress up on my 8th wedding anniversary!

Molly said...

Wait, Tina, you like buffalo sauce!?!? : )

kristin point said...

I loveeee blue moons, pve been drinking them all the time since it got nice out. They remind me of summer!

My fav part is the orange slice at the end :)