Friday, June 6, 2008

Breakfast on the Fly

Lots of work to catch up on! Not a lot of work got done yesterday with the excitement of commencement, so I will be working diligently today! Luckily, our summer hours start today-- I'm out at 4:00! :)

I was up late last night watching the Celtics game (they won! yay!), so I slept in this morning until 7:00. I didn't have time for breakfast, so I grabbed an iced coffee to go (made with hemp milk and 1 Splenda).

At work, I purchased a cinnamon chip muffin from the cafe to go with the apple that I brought from home. Definitely not the most amazing breakfast, but it'll do for a busy morning like today.

Question of the Day

Do you set goals (any kind) for yourself? If so, what is your current goal(s)?

Me: My past/present goal is to increase the amount of fresh fruits and veggies in my diet. I think this one is always a work in progress for me. I always feel like I should be eating more! My new goal is to increase my running mileage and speed. I'd like to beat my time from my first fun run of the season. I'm running another race at the end of the summer, so I hopefully I will improve!

**Post Addition***

Myths About Organic Food

I found this article pretty interesting: 6 Myths About Organic Food, WebMD feature from Marie Claire magazine. Just thought I would share...


caitlinbo said...

i LOVE to sign up for races... they are so much fun and so motivating. after all, you dont want to crash out before the finish line. im doing my first tri next month and have decided to try and run a half-ironman next may. i create training schedules, stick them on the fridge, and mark them off as i go. its a fun way to work towards being healthy, and i've met a lot of people doing it!

Shelly said...

I was up late last night watching the game too! I am a Suns fan but they are out...but I still enjoy watching BB. I do make goals and I reward myself when I complete my goals.

chandra said...

My main, all the time goal is to be happy and have no regrets.

Other than that my goals right now are to lose my last few pounds, improve my running speed, get school started back up, and maybe find a decent guy to date. :) Haha