Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fried Oatmeal?

Cooking breakfast this morning was, um, interesting. I tried to create a new oatmeal pancake using oatmeal, egg whites, vanilla hemp milk, vanilla extract, and baking soda. I think it would have come out alright, but the "pancake" stuck horribly to the pan. We recently received an All Clad fry pan, and for some reason, I can't figure it out. Everything seems to stick to it, even when I add lots of cooking spray, use low/medium heat, etc. I read the directions, and there wasn't anything special that we needed to do to it. I don't understand these fancy pans! My Ikea and Target pans worked better! Does anyone have any insight into All Clad pans? Jeez, Louise!

Anyway, so my attempt at a new oatmeal pancake turned into "fried oatmeal." It actually tasted surprisingly delicious, especially with the vanilla hemp milk; it just didn't look pretty!

I topped my "fried oatmeal" with fresh blackberries and a squirt of sugar-free maple syrup.

Beautiful morning in Boston = medium iced coffee, milk and sugar, please! I'm very much savoring this iced coffee at my desk right now! :)

Question of the Day

What keeps you motivated to eat nutritious foods, exercise, and be well?

Mine: Right now, it is definitely our upcoming wedding, which is only 39 days away! (Yay and yikes!) Being the center of attention (which I hate) for an entire day gets me off my butt! Also, eating well and working out gives me energy. If I start slacking off, my energy level drops and my mood becomes depressed and cranky. I'm a different person when I am feeling healthy and fit!


arielle said...

It actually looks pretty good! Kind of like granola clusters.

I like your question, too! Personally, I don't think I'm motivated; it's more like a routine. I get up every morning to go to the gym because I'm so used to it. I've been doing it for so long, there's absolutely no thought involved. Which means I can't talk myself out of it.

As far as eating, I think it's the same thing. I don't really think about it. Most of the things I like are healthy, and the ones that aren't, I just have every once in a while or in small portions. It helps that my boyfriend is a healthy eater too, so we don't really have a lot of crap around.

I am sure a wedding is the ultimate motivation!

Tina said...


I completely agree! A lot of it is habit for me too-- and I actually like the taste of healthy foods. Nothing beats a juicy orange or an egg white omelet or steamed asparagus with sea salt or freshly baked banana bread or... I really could keep going!

Sarah said...

Great question! :)

I'm motivated by the way exercising and good, healthy foods make me feel and the way they taste.

If I miss a week of exercise, I feel drained and gross. Whenever I feel like skipping a workout, I'll ask myself if I really *do* need the break (because sometimes I do) or if I'm just being lazy. Usually I'm just being lazy, and I know that feeling I'll get if I decide to skip...not fun!

For food, I just LOVE tasty, healthy foods. Yes, sometimes I crave fried calamari or a good ol' hotdog, but in my opinion thats all part of healthy eating anyways. Obviously, not every day, but it fits right in there and it's not "evil" in any way.

Eating good 90% of the time leaves me feeling energetic, healthy, and very happy. Having "junk" the other 10% of the time makes it all work in a perfect balance. :)

(p.s. your oatmeal looks really, really good actually! :)

Kate said...

I am motivated by the half marathon that I am doing at the end of July, and the faster times I am clocking when i run!

p.s. You are SOO adorable Tina! I hope that your wedding is the BEST! You deserve it!!

Tina said...


Love this: "Yes, sometimes I crave fried calamari or a good ol' hotdog, but in my opinion thats all part of healthy eating anyways. Obviously, not every day, but it fits right in there and it's not "evil" in any way."

I love your thinking, sister! :)

Jenn said...

Fried oatmeal - I love it! I hope that you're able to figure out the pan though - isn't it funny how sometimes the more expensive things aren't necessarily better?

I am right there with you on the energy thing - I am definitely a whole lot crankier when I don't work out! I would say another motivation is that I know getting into the habit now will help me stay on track later in life when family, work, etc. can create all too easy excuses not to do it!

Bridget said...

I think this is the first time I have commented...love the blog, Tina :)

I'm with you- eating healthy and exercising make me feel so good! Sometimes skipping a workout and eating something fatty are a nice splurge, but most of the time it just leaves me feeling so drained the next day that I regret it, not because of the calories, but because of what it does to my energy level.

Oh, and some of the nice stuff I got for my wedding was too fancy for me too! We kept all our older, mostly hand-me-down cookware in the basement for a few months and I ended up salvaging a few pots and pans that turned out to be better than the new stuff:)

Joe said...

Fun twist on oatmeal - glad it turned out tasty!

Beth said...

Tina, the all clad/stainless ans are really better for meats and veggies I think - anything you want to have a nice brown color on. I use nonstick for everything else. I usually combine oil and cooking spray - say, 1 tbsp of oil drizzled around the pan, then a spray of cooking spray to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Carrie said...

I love this question! I am a mother of 2 - 4years and 20mths. and my goal is to NEVER look like a mom. I want to the be the hot mom!! I am smaller now than before I had my 1st child. Plus I just like how great I feel!

Tina said...


Thanks for the info! I'll try giving that combo a try next time.

Anonymous said...

This is from the All-Clad website. I gen use this for making quesadillas, warming pitas or naans, recipes with less sauces. Works great for me. I prefer non-stick for other cooking though.

Erica said...

Hey Tina!

I'm with Arielle on the routine idea! If I'm ever not in the mood (i.e. don't want to get out of bed for an early class haha) I like to think about how energized/good about myself I feel after a work out and I usually make the decision to go to the gym!

As far as eating healthy, when I am tempted to eat something bad- I try to think about how I will feel afterwards (you know that feeling of siting at your desk at work with your stomach pressing up against your pants!) Usually that deters me from eating crap! If I decide I want a treat, I try to do it in moderation! We all have our days though... :)


VeggieGirl said...

Haha, the fried oatmeal sounds like it was one of those "disaster turned success" meals :0)

What keeps me motivated?? Life, happiness, those who mean the most to me, and well-being.

Danielle said...

I second the healthy food cheer! Love the way it makes me feel :)

Annie said...

Hi Tina,
I'm new to commenting your blog, but I found it through Kath's a few weeks, and I think it's great! I live in Boston too, and happened to first log on when you were going to my favorite neighborhood bar, Sevens!

Anyway, beside the point, I have the All-Clad stainless cookware, and I love it. When it was new I did have some extra sticking, but I find the more I use it and wash it, the less things stick so that a spray of Pam does the trick. That being said, I had an oatmeal cottage cheese pancake disaster last week and ended up with a breakfast that looked a lot like yours, so don't worry, it's not you!

Becca said...

Breakfast does look like big granola clusters and quite good!

As for the question of the day: I exercise because most of the time it gives me more energy and makes me feel better about myself...even though since I started exercising I've gained weight! As for eating healthy, it just makes me feel better and a lot of it has become routine...but certain things are still hard to resist!

chandra said...

As for exercising and eating right... for me part of it is my training since I am constantly training for distance races and to become a better runner. So running is a priority for me, and healthy food is my fuel!

Part of the eating healthy is also routine for me. I was always a fairly healthy eater, my mom never had junk in our house growing up.

And the last part of it for me is my mental health. I've had bouts with depression and anxiety and exercising/eating well help take both of those away from me more than any medicine ever did!

Oh, and I agree with everyone that the fried oatmeal looks good. I might try it myself this weekend! :)

Dinah Soar said...

Non-stick is best for pancakes and such...save your skillet for when you want to caramelize and brown..but you might try this: "hot pan, cold oil, food won't stick"---as the now deceased Frugal Gourmet used to say. Then once you add the oil, let it get hot, add your food and don't move the food until is is seared and releases on its own---if you try to turn it sooner it will stick badly...so, say you are frying meat, make sure it is positioned like you want it when you drop it in the hot pan...if it's not and you try to move it before it gets a good sear and releases itself, it'll be a mess...learned that from Rachael Ray.