Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Veggie Burgers on the Grill

Tonight was another lovely, warm night in Beantown! Beautiful evenings like these are perfect for spending time outside and cooking dinner on the grill, which is exactly what we did. Mal grilled Dr. Praeger's Tex Mex Veggie Burgers, while I threw together a salad. In no time, we were sitting on our balcony enjoying a meal together. 

Tex Mex veggie burger on a whole wheat bun... 

My salad wasn't very colorful (we are running low on fresh produce)-- it included lots of green veggies: lettuce, cucumbers, green pepper, and celery, and was topped with balsamic vinegar. 

Lately, I haven't been getting much calcium in my diet, so I ate an Adora dark chocolate calcium supplement to fill that gap. As always, it was delish! 

I finished off dinner with a small, sweet snack: whole wheat bread with Fluff and peanut butter and chocolate chips. YUM! Sugary sweet goodness! 

I'm making our wedding ceremony program tonight! I can't believe the BIG DAY is so soon! 


chandra said...

I can't wait to see some beautiful wedding photos!!

You are making me crave fluff now... I don't think I've even eaten it since I was like 9 years old!

VeggieGirl said...

Looks like a great, quick-prep meal!!

Have fun making your wedding ceremony program tonight (ahh, so exciting)!!!

magpie said...

Yum!! I need to start grilling more :)

R.Shack said...

Those are my fave kind of veggie burgers! Yum yum!

Your dessert looks so good too, makes me want some fluff :)

LisaN said...

LOL........My daughter loved to eat Fluff straight from the container. One year, I gave her a bottle as a stocking stuffer.

Brings back memories...........:)

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!

BTW, thank you for joining the Healthy Lifestyle Bloggers

Anonymous said...

awww best of luck w/ the wedding program!!!

i collected a few of the programs from weddings we attended in the last couple months to use for ideas... i cant wait to see what you've done ;)

you are making me crave fluff!

Anonymous said...

Tina, your dinner looks marvelous! And that is so cool that Mal enjoys meat-free options! Yeah, it is crazy to think that your wedding is coming so close! Time flies!! I can't believe I've been blogging and even reading your blog and your wedding plans for so many months! It definitely doesn't seem like it has been that long!

Happy Wed!

hk said...

good luck with the wedding planning, SO exciting :)

Christie said...

I was curious how the Dr. Preager veggie burgers are, becuse I know awhile back I was buying them and then there was this huge deal about how they had more calories and fat in them than what was listed on the label and they were kind of greasy than so I am wondering what you think of them now because I use to enjoy them prior to knowing they were misleading soI am sure they made some changes

Anonymous said...


I LOVE the Dr. Preager's veggie burgers, especially grilled! I don't find them to be greasy at all. They're actually a nice consistency, a little moist on the inside, and when grilled, a little crispy on the outside.

I hadn't heard about the misleading info, but I am definitely going to google it now!

One Food Guy said...

Another one of my fav's Tina - Dr. Praegers veggie burgers! Delicious!