Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fast and Easy Pasta Dinner

Mal and I had a couple of friends over this evening, so we decided to throw together a last-minute pasta dinner for them. We used whole wheat spaghetti with organic tomato and basil sauce and Trader Joe's turkey meatballs. 

Dinner also included a salad made with lettuce, tomato, carrots, and shredded cheese-- keeping it nice and simple. 

We also enjoyed some Oyster Bay Chardonnay, which is one of my favorite white wines. It's light and crisp with pure fruity flavors. It's a great, affordable bottle for around $15. 

Dessert, of course, was my newest obsession: Mi-Del Vanilla Snap cookies. I ate about 6 or 7 of these babies. So good!

Sorry so short-winded tonight. I'm pooped... not sure why, just feeling exhausted, but it's going to be an early evening tonight. Night, all! 


VeggieGirl said...

Looks like a great meal!! Enjoy your evening!!

Sammie said...

I just got myself a box of PB Puffins - I saw them on your site a while back. They are so yummy, thanks!
I also saw that you will be attending the gathering with Kath in Aug. I am so excited to meet her but also equally thrilled to meet you. She is getting quite the turnout - it is going to be a blast.

meghanN said...

dinner looks yummy! :) I had to comment because I am currently snacking on those cookies- but the chocolate crisp flavor! Have you tried that flavor? I definitely recommend!

Eliza said...

i think someone else mentioned this on a previous post... any chance we get to see pictures from your beautiful, happy, biiig day?

Mo said...

LOVE Oyster Bay wines. Their Sauvignon Blanc is great also.

You are tired because you've had a whirlwine couple of weeks. Soak it all in and rest and recover. Enjoy this time. You are only a newly newlywed once. :)

Tina said...

Eliza (and others),

I've been such a bum about posting pictures from our wedding. There are seriously thousands of photos-- so overwhelming! If you drop me an email, I'll send you a link to our photographer's website, and then you can see allllll of them. I'll try to go through some my family/friends' photos this weekend and post them on the blog.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm this is such a class & easy meal but its so delicious :) looks like a fun time!