Friday, July 18, 2008

Featured Blogger: Chandra's Shenanigans

Chandra is the poster child for optimism, hard work, and fun! Everyday, you see through her posts just how determined she is to be healthy and reach her goals, which range from running a half marathon to reaching her goal weight. No matter what Chandra does, she always makes it a point to have a blast! Her healthy balance between good nutrition and the occasional splurge is an inspiration to me and so many of her readers! I love that Chandra can let lose, drink some beers, and shake her butt on the dance floor! Her up-beat personality shines through in her posts and are a continuous reminder that a healthy lifestyle includes fun!

My Favorite Chandra Shenanigan Posts:
I wanted to include the video of her dancing, but I couldn't find it! It's hysterical! :) 


VeggieGirl said...

Chandra is definitely a fun blogger; and as you said, the "poster child for optimism." And her dance video is priceless :0D

MizFit said...

population: MizFit

Im back again but I have to say she makes me think and laugh.

100 percent my REQUIREMENT for a blog read!


sweetsandsweats said...

Couldn't agree more with this post. I ADORE reading Chandra's Shenanigans. She is enjoying life and really taking advantage of it. So much fun!!

Chandra (Eating to Live) said...

I don't just love Chandra's blog because she shares my name (although at first I couldn't believe it!) - it's true, she's so positive and optomistic and truly does show you how to be "healthy and freakin' awesome" :D

glidingcalm said...

Haha I love Chandra's blog! She is hilarious. I love her food playing drawing the goldfish and making faces with the Kashi Heart to Heart cereal. Plus her food is always inspiring, because a lot of it is on the go.

I never saw the dance video?! Gosh, can't believe I missed it?!

meghanN said...

I <3 Chandra's blog! She always has so much fun out with her friends whether it be exercising(did you see the pictures of her crazy race outfit!?!?) or out enjoying herself! She has such a positive and silly attitude I just loove her sense of humor and food :)

chandra said...

AWEEE!!! I'm so sad I was on vacation when you posted this!! THANK YOU, TINA!! You are so sweet!! And, just for amusement, here's the post with the dance video :)

Humpty Dance