Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Strawberry Morning

Good morning! We're so close to the long weekend! Let's hope today and tomorrow fly by! Yay to three day weekends! :)

This morning's breakfast was strawberry oat bran with almond slices and vanilla hemp milk. I was actually in the mood for oatmeal this morning, but we're all out (yikes!) As my friend Dave would say, "put it on the list!"

I just bought a big carton of strawberries. Be prepared to see lots of them in the next few days! Gottta eat 'em up before they spoil!

Breakfast also included a dark chocolate Adora disk. Calcium + D + K.

This part of breakfast won't surprise anyone-- iced coffee to go with hemp milk and half of a packet of Splenda. I'm becoming so predictable!

Question of the Day

What are your tips for enjoying the many food options, but not overdoing-it at 4th of July BBQs/parties/celebrations this coming weekend?

Me: Celebrations with lots of good food are always tough for me. I love food so much! My typical "game plan" is to load up on fruits and veggies, try a few new things (I don't waste my calories on boring stuff like chips and store-bought cookies), and take it easy on the booze. I usually find a way to balance my nutritious eating and fun... but like I said, it's not always easy! Here's a few more ideas that I put together for navigating social events.


Sarah said...

Oh...breakfast looks so yummy! I haven't had oat bran in ages. :)

For the fourth of july (and other holidays) I do the same as you. I scan over everything and see what looks most other words, no chips! I could easily go to the grocery store and pick some up ANY time, so why waste the space in my stomach on foods like that when theres so much more to pick from? :)

I tend to go for two plates. First plate is the filler food...salads, lots of fruit salad, etc. Second plate is little bits of the foods I want. I just like to TRY everything, but don't need big portions to satisfy. Oftentimes, one bite or two of something is all I need to move on to the next item. haha...

If I land on something I absolutely love, I eat it and savor each bite. The 4th comes but once a year, and as long as I got my veggies and fruits in for the day, as well as starting my day off with a nice bowl of whole-grain carbs, I know my nutrition is sound for the day (no groggy, icky feelings from lack of "real food" energy!)

Anonymous said...


Well said! I think the same way as you-- eat the good, healthy foods, then enjoy the fun stuff. 4th of July only happens once a year! :)

VeggieGirl said...

Better get that oatmeal!! ;0)

As for 4th of July eating, don't eat like it's the last day of your life - treat it like any other day, and savor each bite.

Anonymous said...

You are motivating me to move from my blueberries over to strawberries with my oats!

What a great question today. I too am really bad about holiday eating. More than anything, holiday drinking. When I spend that many hours hanging out with friends, it seems so easy to get one too many drinks in me, so I am really trying to watch it this year.

I agree with you and Sarah when it comes to the food part. I load up on the healthy things and then allow myself to have a few splurges of foods I wouldn't normally be able to eat.

Rose said...

Tina - I am loving your blog. What a fantastic question here, and I am really appreciating the advice of others. I am going camping this weekend with some friends, and I looked at the potential food list of what everyone's bringing. Let's just say I am the fruit/veggies/nuts/grains person for the trip. I figure if I bring what I want to eat, I'll stick with it -- and maybe some other people will knaw on an apple rather than a big bag of chips. Who knows? I think preparation is key, especially if you're traveling.

I also really like Veggiegirl's advice -- so true! It's not the last day of your life!

Bree said...

I did strawberry oats this morning, I left out the banana and used almond milk & topped it with a spoonful of granola, yum!

What part of Vermont are you visiting this weekend?

Anonymous said...


We'll be in Burlington most of the weekend. We'll be staying with friends in Jefferson (I think). The town is about 30 minutes from Burlington.

Anonymous said...


I love how you are always able just to create muffin recipes and they always turn out. How do you do know how to do that? I am lost without a recipe. Whenever I change anything things often seem to go wrong. You seem so knowledgeable!

Anonymous said...


I just kind of wing-it in the kitchen when I bake. Usually, I base my measurements on another recipe, but I will change exact measurements, ingredients, etc. based on what I have in the house and what I am "feeling." :)

Clara said...

mmm, strawberries :)

as for 4th of july/social occassions/holiday eating, usually I go somewhere where it's a "potluck" type of thing, and thay way I can make sure I can bring at least one healthy dish myself.
then I eat some of that, plus the really "special" (as others have said, not chips and cookies I have had every day) indulgences at the party - and I load up on the fruit/veggie trays if there is any. Another thing that has worked for me is if I just eat maybe 3 or 4 things. I find if I take tons of small bites of many many things, I lose track of it and am less accountable.
Also - eat from a plate! Those handfuls of chips straight from the bowl register a lot more if you take them out on a plate.

Have fun :D

Clara said...

another thing to add -

it's interesting how so many people find the holdidays/special occassions the dangerous time with eating. I feel that way at times too, but mostly I feel the days where nothing is going on and everything is just same 'ol routine - those are the days when I'm more likely to indulge. At holidays and parties I'm having too much fun socializing/getting in the spirit... which has actually led me to a pattern of losing a couple pounds around Christmas each year! hah!

I'm definitely one of those eat-more-when-bored, less-when-busy types :P

arielle said...

clara, that's how I am too.

Irbas said...

I usually just eat the BEST of whatever I like, and go back to normal eating habits the next day. Like some of the others, I won't waste my appetite and calories and normal/easy foods. I go for the good stuff! My aunt's homemade dessert, my dad's amaaaazing burgers and hummus, etc!