Saturday, August 23, 2008

Josh's Matzo Ball Soup

Lunch this afternoon was a special and unexpected treat-- Josh made matzo ball soup! He's been talking about making it for a couple of weeks now, and today was the day for us to try it! 

The matzo balls were the perfect texture-- not too soft, not too hard-- and served in a chicken-flavored broth with some tiny noodles. 

I used a few Ritz crackers to scoop-up my soup. The crackers were a fantastic addition to the matzo balls and broth. 

I was surprised that such a simple meal like matzo ball soup would fill me up like it did! Two matzo balls, broth, and 3-4 crackers sat heavy in my stomach all afternoon, but it's dinnertime now, and I am still not hungry.

Danielle and I took a yoga class this morning at Healthworks. The class was supposed to be power yoga, but a substitute instructor taught a slow flow yoga instead. We were kind of bummed about the less active yoga style, but we were glad that we went. After the gym, we stopped in Starbucks for a beverage. I ordered the usual.

Breakfast this morning was leftover French Toast Souffle (it was still amazing the next day) with plain yogurt, cantaloupe, and raspberries.

Mr. Mal is getting hungry for dinner, so I think we are going to start cooking. We have a yummy meal planned! :) 


Anonymous said...

This question is open to anyone.

What are your views on the Alli dietary supplement? Does it work? Is it healthy? Is it worth the money?

... Because diet and exercise alone is not working for me. And even my doctor is puzzled because I eat balanced meals and exercise everyday. Nothing is working, and I do NOT want to resort to any fad diets or any diets for that matter.

Jessica said...

PLEASE get the matzo ball recipe - I'd love to make some and need a good, trusted recipe. Excited to see what you make for dinner too!!

Anonymous said...

I personally would not recommend taking a dietary supplement. I would suggest seeing a nutritionist or specialist and working with a personal trainer. These professionals can create a plan specific to your body type, metabolism, etc.

Anonymous said...

Love the KERF dinner last night, wish I were close to all you lovely ladies!

I am adding you to my blogroll!

Tina said...


Josh used matzo meal to make the matzo balls. I believe they are fairly easy to make-- just add oil and egg and pop in a pot of hot water. Here's the brand of matzo meal that he used:


Personally, I wouldn't take any sort diet supplement. My best advice to you would be to continue to consult your doctor and/or a registered dietitian to help you work towards your goals. Good luck!

Kelly said...

Yum. I love french toast souffle! Cooking light has an amazing recipe that I always make with a light streusel topping. I make mine a little differently though with little cubes of bread so you cut it into slices.

I agree with all of the other posters about Alli. I had a friend who took it and it seemed to me that the value in it was that it kept her accountable because if she had meals with even a small amount of fat she experienced unpleasant side effects. However, she often "cheated" in that if she knew she would be eating high fat foods she would skip taking it for the day. The thing that makes me a bit suspicious is that some fat in your diet is a good thing and helps certain vitamins be absorbed.

Meg said...

That soup looks delicious. Just like I used to get at a deli called Bagelstein's!

just me said...

hope your dinner is yummy, like it always is!!!

and matzo ball soup! i haven't had that in YEARS! but i had it at an authentic jewish restaurant in downtown los angles and it was sooooo good!

SH said...

I love french toast so I will have to try that one! My list of recipes to try that you've posted is growing longer and longer. Glad you had a great KERF dinner.

Kath said...

Oh course today you get a Starbucks coffee!!!

Caitlin said...

matzo balls RULE :D my fav!!

Caitlin said...

matzo balls RULE :D my fav!!

Christie I. said...

The french toast souflee looks awesome.

Sounds like the KERF dinner was loads of fin!

Sammie said...

I have to make that french toast, it sounds so yummy. Friday was a blast, I really enjoyed chatting with you. Would you like to try to meet up again soon?
I can't wait to hear about your dinner creation, you come up with the neatest recipes.
I hope you are enjoying the weekend.