Thursday, August 21, 2008


It has been an exciting morning, let me tell you! Within an hour of arriving to work, a massive leak sprung from our ceiling and water poured all over our office floor! Water was literally gushing down from the ceiling! We frantically ran around like chickens with our heads cut off, looking for trash cans to collect the falling water. The maintenance guys arrived within 5 minutes of our call and stopped the water, so luckily, not much damage was done... but what a way to start the morning!

After the gym, I stopped at Bucks to grab my drink of choice: Iced grande sweeten coffee with soy milk.

Breakfast was the usual: Kashi instant oatmeal with high-fiber cereal and Barney Butter. (I need to research some new breakfast ideas!) I also had a slice of watermelon on the side.

Question of the Day

What do you do when you can't sleep?

Me: Usually, I can sleep anytime, anywhere, so when I have trouble sleeping, I get really frustrated. What I find works for me is concentrating on my breathing and not letting my mind race all over the place.


Sarah said...

That mug is so cute, where did you get it? ;-)

VeggieGirl said...

Yikes, what a morning you've had!!

When I can't sleep, I listen to my i-Pod.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you don't experience insomnia much!
I get it pretty often and I usually get up and do stuff. I figure if I'm awake, I might as well be productive! ;)

Shannon said...

I'm jealous! If i've got too much on my mind it's almost a lost cause... I try to avoid laying in bed *trying* to fall asleep since that's just frustrating! Usually I make it to the tv and just relax until I'm ready to fall asleep, or write down whatever's running thru my head keeping me up!

Hope nothing got ruined in the leak!

Melissa said...

I always love your breakfast ideas, especially Almond Joy Oatmeal.

Here are some of my own favs.

Fage with blueberries and kashi go lean.

Whole grain toast topped with whipped cottage cheese and sprinkled with sunflower seeds, chopped pineapple and golden raisins--sometimes I use a half cantelope as my bowl instead of toast, when I want volume, but to still start my day with a light, refreshing brekkie.

Beth said...

My fave portable breakfast is an Ezekiel english muffin and a banana along with some PB. You could easily transport that like you do the oatmeal, esp with the to-go Barney Butters :p

SarahF said...

I always eat breakfast at work- the best way to do it (I find) is to make whatever I'm having the night before and then just heat it up in the morning. That includes pancakes (I throw those in the toaster in the morning), omelettes, frittatas, and then since there is a toaster at my work I also bring in waffles, toast, etc.

If I can't sleep I try and relax by focusing my breathing. I'll breathe in for 5 seconds and then out for 5 seconds. Once I've slowed down my breathing, I imagine somewhere really relaxing. Usually I'm on a floaty on a lake-and then I take the time for each sense, how the air smells, how the sun would feel hot against my skin but the water is cool. The more specific you can be the better. I learnt to do it in acting classes and I find by the time I'm done I'm already 75% asleep.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had Barney Butter! Did you buy those little packets somewhere or did they send them to you? It's such a good idea to have them packaged individually.

When I can't sleep I try not to fight it...I usually get out of bed and write down whatever's on my mind. My boyfriend falls asleep like it's his job, though, so sometimes I just listen to him breathe and that relaxes me.

Was that creepy?

Melissa said...

Hey Tina! I am a big fan of your blog although I do not comment much (I check email from work and feel guilty if I spend too much time reading blogs). Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I started my own!
Check it out if you get the chance. I will be coming out your way for work and to visit a friend in the next couple of months and would love to meet up. I have to visit the Farmers market and Flour!

Justine said...

I'm the same as you in that I usually fall asleep pretty easily. So, when I can't get to sleep I usually get really frustrated...which probably doesn't help the situation. I don't really do anything about it...just toss and turn until I finally DO fall asleep (or until it's time to get up).

Tina said...


The mug is actually from Bath & Body Works. I received it as a gift a few years ago. It came with lots of bath goodies in it, but it works great as a bowl!


Yep, I got the single-serving packs as samples, but I believe you can buy them directly from the Barney Butter website.

Caitlin said...

HAHHA i'm not going to say what i do when i can't fall asleep! but it works everytime ;)

sorry tina, but you totally set yourself up for that. :P

Melissa said...

Thanks for checking out the blog Tina! It means a lot for you to say that you like it because your blog is great- engaging, fun educational, etc...
Have fun meeting up with Kath (I assume that you two are getting together)!

Anonymous said...

I notice you dont really do the yogurt cereal combo ever... it took me a while to start it but I love having yogurt, cereal and eairher PB or nuts and it is all very portable... ohh and I add fruit too!

I plan so much in my head whenI cant sleep which is worse cause than I am up driving myself crazy

Anonymous said...

Though I don't make a habit of eating this every day, one of my favorite portable breakfasts is a Gnu bar (I like the banana nut flavor the most) paired with an orange. The Gnu bar has 12 grams of fiber, so it is very filling!

As far as other portable breakfasts go, I often buy a 1-cup container of Friendship Farms 1% cottage cheese, and pair that with some pineapple or cantaloupe. I love that you can eat the entire container for only 180 calories, plus a ton of protein!

Hope this helps!


Anne P said...

Fage with peaches and blueberries is a great breakfast especially when paired with a fun baked good like one of your healthy homemade oatmeal bars or something :)

HangryPants said...

Yay they spelled your name right! Well, I used to get more nervous and worried about not sleeping, but after many sleepless nights before law school finals I finally realized that worrying about it makes it worse. Now if I can't sleep I just breathe and rest and eventually I fall asleep.

molly said...

You'll be able to appreciate this... When I can't sleep I like to get in the car and take a drive. Sometimes the drive leads to a midnight snack.

In Boston, the one of the only places open at 3 am is this bakery in the North End called Bova's. I've found that somehow a cannoli in the middle of the night is surprisingly conducive to sleep!

startcooking said...

Given how I crave something sweet at the end of a meal, I love the idea of granola and yogurt for dessert! Great tip!