Thursday, September 4, 2008

2 Scoops

Good morning! So glad that my headache is long gone. Last night was no fun!

This morning's breakfast was a big bowl of oat bran with banana, raisins, and Barney Butter. I started with one scoop of Barney Butter on top of my oat bran, but mid-bowl, I went back for a second scoop. My tastebuds love the BB-oat-banana-raisin combo!


1/3 cup oat bran (dry)
2/3 cup water
2 tbsp raisins
1 medium banana
2 tbsp Barney Butter

Leaving my apartment this morning, I noticed my neighbors are already celebrating the fall season. It put a smile on my face seeing an autumn wreath on their door. I love the fall and everything that goes along with it, especially pumpkin-flavored foods! :)

I also embraced the fall season this morning and used my Halloween travel mug, which I filled with iced coffee and vanilla hemp milk.

I thought this article was great-- just had to share their tips for eating well (and shedding pounds). They make a lot of sense to me.

Fight Flab with Ayurveda
From Health, September 2008

Ayurvedic medicine originated in India more than 5,000 years ago—and even then healthy eating was important. John Douillard, PhD, host of the new DVD, Ayurveda for Weight Loss ($20), offers these three tips for shedding pounds Ayurveda-style.

1. Honor mealtime
Turn off the TV and step away from your desk when it’s time to eat. By focusing on your food, you’ll be less likely to overeat.

2. Eat seasonally
Seasonal foods eaten at the right temperature (warm when it’s cold, cold when it’s warm) may boost your metabolism. For example: Eat berries in the spring, chilled watermelon in the heat of the summer, warm steamed veggies in the fall, and chili or stew on those cold winter days.

3. Rethink dinner
Make it a small, supplemental meal, like soup or salad, and eat it before 6 p.m. This approach extends your body’s fasting time before breakfast and helps you burn more fat.

Question of the Day

What are your favorite things about fall?

Me: All things pumpkin, cider donuts, football games, beautiful foliage, sweaters, hiking, apple picking, cool evening runs


Beth said...

I'm with you on the pumpkin foods! I especially LOVE pumpkin pancakes, they're a sure sign of fall for me!

Krista said...

Hi Tina!
Thanks for posting that great article! Neat tips. My favorite thing about fall is definitely starting to cook in my oven again! Wlcome back casseroles, chili's & pies!

Toni said...

Rethinking dinner is tough!

I am SO excited to wear sweaters again. And to start knitting! (I can't bring myself to knit in the summer... it's too weird).

Melanie said...

I am just so tired of the humidity! But I love cool Fall evenings and wearing jackets. I think I love the leaves changing colors the most!!

VeggieGirl said...

Hoora for no more headaches, and for a BB-oat-banana-raisin breakfast!! :0)

I love the Ayurvedic principles - they really do help!!

Since autumn is my favorite season, I love ALL things about it - but to be specific, I love the changing colors of the leaves, pumpkin-containing recipes, the perfect temperatures outside... A I said, I love it all :0)

Erica said...

Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!

Is it bad that while reading your post I was eating at my desk? I wish I could dinner before 6 pm...just not feasible! Thanks for the article!

CourtneyS said...

I LOVE fall: apples, apple cider, apple cider donuts, leaves, good sleeping weather, great running weather, football, cooking warm food again (after grilling fish and assembling salads all spring), root veggies, and new September projects!

Mmmmm, that Barney Butter really looks good. I need to track some down.

Glad your headache is better, Tina. I HATE that!

christie i. said...

Oh, fall. How I love thee. I love everything about fall. The crisp cool air, the beautiful colors, a cozy fire with a big bowl of soup and long sleeve t-shirts.

Anne P said...

ahhhhh i love fall!!! i love halloween and haunted forests and pumpkin flavored things and the amazing weather and apple cider and changing leaves and wearing fun new fall clothes :)

ttfn300 said...

Haha, I went for some more pb with my oatmeal this morning, too :) good tips!

Fall is definately my favorite season-- APPLES, pumpkin, squashes, LEAVES (already seeing those on my drive saturday), just being outdoors!

dancercook said...

Pretty much everything you listed! Pumpkin everything! Apple picking, hayrides, the weather, foliage, cooking and baking more, new fall clothes!, football, homecoming!!, and my wedding next year:)

Tina, I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and I love it! I actually live in Somerville so its nice to see the local references. I'm a civil engineer right now but I can't say I love my job, but I would love to really get into nutrition/food industry. I love to cook and bake and am always trying to come up with healthy ideas so you blog definintely inspires me to hopefully get there in teh future (sooner than later haha). Sorry for the long comment!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said about fall - particularly pumpkin and FOOTBALL! There is something about watching - or actually going to - a football game on a cool fall morning that completely eases my mind :o)

I got some Barney Butter in the mail and just now had my first experience. I definitely see the need for 2 scoops - this stuff is AMAZING!

Have a great day, Tina!

Danielle said...

Oh fall... apple picking, apple cider, apple everything :), and pumpkin everything too, pumpkin bread, pumpkin carving, pumpkin spice, the crisp air and colorful leaves, baking, soups, football games, hot chocolate, homecoming, the excitement of back to school shopping, and actually going back to school...

wow, haha, I'm missing a lot, huh? Make the most of the beloved autumn season for me please! ;)

Caroline said...

What is not to like about fall. I am not sure if I can put it into is just the good feeling I get from it.

I love something about every season and just get excited every time it changes.

MWS said...

eee! I love autumn :) that wreath your neighbors have is gorgeous. seasonal decor is so much fun.

i agree with everything you love about fall, especially the cool runs. that crisp air.. ahhh!

I also love fall because it's my bday season! And just being all warm and cozy in sweaters and boots with hot beverages. mmm. and omg, I just remembered that you live in New England. such gorgeous autumns there!

this barney butter stuff looks really yummy - i'd never heard of it before your blog and I'm gonna keep an eye out for it now!

DelightfullyHealthy said...

Glad you're headache's gone.

Ayurveda - yes!

Fall? Let's see, I was born in the Fall, I got married in the Fall and I love root vegetables and colorful leaves and wearing sweaters in the sunshine...I actually baked on Monday in (early) celebration. Pumpkin Spice muffins. Yay Fall!

Anonymous said...

I love love fall. And love that halloween mug of yours!

I love the changing leaves, the crisp fresh air, all things PUMPKIN, halloween and thanksgiving, baked goods, family stuff. I love it all!

Olga said...

cannot wait for the fall as well, it's the best season!!!

I also love apple picking and all the foliage and Halloween mayhem.

I was glad to read your Fun Food Fact this morning. I'm living off campus this year and I already feel the difference in my eating habits =]

have a good day!

HangryPants said...

Fall is my favorite! I love "back to school'l the weather, apples,sweaters, pumpkin!

Anonymous said...


your post just made me SO EXCITED for fall! it is my absolute FAVORITE season and I just love everythihg about it!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these tips! Although I could never make dinner just a soup or salad, perhaps I should try focusing on eating earlier.

I love all the same things you do- esp. pumpkin and maple things, squash, not feeling stupid drinking red wine (it's the only alcohol I'll drink and people think it's weird in 100 degree heat), football, and less frizzy hair.

BUT I am most excited about fall fashion- it is my best season for looking put-together. Classic tweeds, structured wools, sweatervests, and pencil skirts!!

Denise said...

Red wine and chocolate! Well more often than in Summer. : ) I tend to have white wine or beer on warmer days.