Sunday, September 7, 2008

2nd Annual Wing Off

My family's Wing Off was a blast! There were so many wing entries (around 20?), and there was quite a bit more competition this year. Everyone had their game faces on! Mal and I were just happy to create an edible wing recipe! :)

Mal and I made HOT buffalo wings, using Frank's hot sauce and buffalo sauce mixed together. We kept the recipe simple, and the wings turned out pretty good... and very hot! After eating one, my mouth was en fuego! I still think we need to perfect our recipe-- our wings needed more flavor. It seemed like the hot sauce-buffalo marinade just didn't stick to the wings. We wanted a more crisp, "cooked-on" flavor. We have some ideas for next year.

It was very hot and humid when we were making our wings yesterday afternoon. The heat and humidity was even getting to Mal's parents' cat, Gato!

The Wing Off was suppose to start at 3:00, but a little before noon, my stomach started to growl. I decided to have a small lunch, which I had hoped would take the edge off my hunger, and would help me moderate my eating at the Wing Off. (No such luck!) My lunch was a half of a turkey, swiss, and pesto sandwich with a side salad. (FYI: pesto spread on a sandwich is divine!)

While waiting for the wings to cook and our laundry to finish drying (yep, we still bring home our laundry!), I did some more studying and sipped some pumpkin-spice coffee and iced water.


The entries were divided into 3 categories: International, Sally (sweet), and Hot. Each category had its own color-coded table and rating sheets. My aunt and uncle had the event logistics down to a science!

In addition to the sea of wings, various appetizers were also served, including baked beans, potato salad, a green salad and Waldorf salad, and bacon-wrapped, cream cheese-stuffed jalapenos.

One of the highlights of the event for both Mal and me was my uncle's home brew, which he calls "EDB" (Every Day Beer). The EDB was a light ale with a ton of rich flavor. It was a-mazing! And, just as the name says, perfect for drinking every day.

The chicken wing trophy!

Chicken Wing Entries

This one (below) won first prize for Presentation!

Our entry...

Obviously, we missed the note about the Best Presentation category! Mal and I called our entry "Rustic Simplicity." We didn't want our presentation to distract from our wings! :)

Let the Wing Off begin!

We had quite the crowd this year!

There was no way I was going to be able to sample all 20 entries, so I waited a little while and then asked for recommendations for the best tasting wings. I ended up trying 2 hot wings (including our entry) and 3 sally wings-- all delicious! My favorite of the day was a wing recipe that my sister and her fiance made, which was slightly breaded with an Asiago cheese spread on top. So frickin' good! They came in 2nd place for the Sally category, but I still think they should have won!

The bacon-wrapped, cream cheese jalapenos were awesome! Of course, I tried one!

My 5 wings didn't fill me up the way I had hoped, so I grabbed a little more food. From my plate (below), I ate the baked beans, hard-boiled egg slice, and raw veggies.

My sister and me at the Wing Off... We're wearing chicken photos on our shirts, which were part of a game. The actual chickens are owned by my aunt and uncle, who hosted the event. They have cute chickens!

Just before the winners were announced, I decided that I wanted some wine, which went down like water last night! (Why does that happen sometimes and not others?) Over the course of the evening, I ended up drinking, um, 3 glasses.

The yummy food was endless! Let's just say I fell off the wagon last night!

Zucchini sandwich with frosting... I want this recipe! YUM!

More desserts...

Mal and I shared these 2 cups.

Rich Oreo cookie with creamy frosting...

Cherry cheesecake with a graham cracker crust...

I'm back ON the wagon today after totally over-eating yesterday. Today's breakfast was an egg and cheese sandwich with tomato slices and an iced coffee with hemp milk. We're headed to our friend's house to watch the Pats game, and I am planning to bring healthy snacks! It's a new day!


VeggieGirl said...

So glad that the Wing Off was fun - it definitely looks like it was!!

Aww, Gato :0)

That Zucchini sandwich looks intriguing!

Have fun watching the Pats game today!

Andrea of Care to Eat said...

Your family sounds awesome. At my family events, we're lucky if someone brings 7 layer bean dip or a cool whip flag cake. From the way you described your sister's wings, I would agree that she was robbed.

christie i. said...

That zuchini sandwich looks really good!

Glad the wing off was so fun!

just me said...

wow, that wing off looks amazing!!! what a fun family event!!!

have a great day watching the game today!

Jenna said...

holy goodness--every single thing looks freakin' amazing!!! I am SO jealous as wings are my one of my favorite things ever. The spicier the better!!! YUM!!!

HangryPants said...

I am fascinated by this wing event. It looks like so much fun. I like how chose a simple presentation as to not detract from the product. :)

sportsnutritionliving said...

What a fun event... glad you had a good time.. and I hope you can get that recipe for the zuccini sammie with frosting!

Caitlin said...

the wing off sounds like a really fun event! :)

RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

this looks like it was a BLAST! so awesome!!!

lighterportions said...

That is the COOLEST and most greatly organized event! Your family is too much fun. I wish I had crazy family events like that.

And I seriously want to try that zucchini sandwich.

Kath said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! What a buffet!! Can I come next year!? Matt loves wings :)

caretoeat said...

That looks like a BLAST! Your family knows how to party!
I love Gato!
Isn't Saturday the best day to fall off the wagon?

Andrea said...

The idea of a wing off is awesome! And I love the trophy, it's too cute!

Ashley said...

That looks like a fun and delicious Wing Off! Don't stress that you enjoyed yourself, but it does feel good to be back on the wagon I'm sure.

I agree with you about the pesto/turkey sandwich combo- my family thinks I'm crazy but it's sooo delish!

glidingcalm said...

Ha! Tina, you don't know HOW COOL I think this Wing Off event is... particularly since it was a family thing!! That is so awesome!!!!!!! Most of my fam members are spread out across the country, so we don't have ANYTHING like this...I'm so jealous!!! Have a great Sunday! P.S. Gato is ADORABLE!!!!!!

*Erica* said...

OMG that is quite the production! How fun is that to do with family?? I always say that one of the highlights of family gatherings is the food! The zucchini sandwich looks so good...but I'm focused on the desserts! Yum! Glad you had a good time! Have a good football-day, we are too!

Anne P said...

how fun!!! my boyfriend and his friends would have been ALL over that. they are obsessed with wings :)

ttfn300 said...

wow so many wings! But I'm wanting one of those zucchini sandwiches right now :)

Christy said...

Wow, that was so inspiring! I want to start something like that with my family. Thanks! Also, what was the zucchini sandwich with frosting? Was it zucchini "cookies" with frosting in the middle? That is a great use for zucchini!

sarah said...

that is SO something my husband's family would do. in fact, if i showed them the pictures they'd probably be organizing it right now! looks like tons of fun and DELiCIOUS -- i want to try an asiago wing!